Eligibility criteria

The JD Bridges Bursary is proud to open bursary applications to students who:

  • live in Canada
  • self-identify as Black,
  • have completed a minimum of 2 years of full-time undergraduate studies at a recognized university or CEGEP,
  • apply to a first-year French or English juris doctor program at a Canadian law school in the 2024 law school admissions cycle (dual and combined JD programs are accepted),
  • demonstrate financial need, and
  • demonstrate a commitment to the Black community in Canada.
Black male and female student looking at laptop screen studying in the library


Black male and female student looking at laptop screen studying in the library

In fulfilling our mission, the JD Bridges Foundation always strives to provide its services in a way that respects the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities. We are also committed to giving persons with disabilities equal opportunity to access and benefit from our services. 

Part A of the application can be submitted by email, or by mail upon request. Part B of the application can be submitted by interview, video presentation, or written format. Our evaluation process is designed to be an inclusive process. Our goal is to meet the expectations of customer persons with disabilities. We welcome and appreciate feedback on how well our services meet those expectations.

Accessibility Features

Please consider Windows accessibility features or Mac accessibility features when completing our application form. Print copies of our application form can be provided upon request.

JD Bridges Bursary Application Form

Application Deadline: August 6, 2024

Thank you for applying to the first cycle of the JD Bridges Bursary. The 2024 application cycle is now closed.

If you did not apply by the deadline due to a misunderstanding about the eligibility criteria, please email us at

Thank you for choosing to apply to the 2024 JD Bridges Bursary. There are two parts to this application. First, complete “PART A” (approx. 10 minutes). Then, select one of three options to complete “PART B”.

Please allow us a quick moment to load your online application form…

Please allow us a quick moment to load your online application form…

How will you submit “PART B” of the application?

You can submit your answers to the 4 questions in "PART B" of the application by:
Submission Instructions
🎥 If you elect to apply by video presentation, please discuss your answers to the questions below in a video of up to 7 minutes and send your video to via “” as an MP4 file by the application deadline.

📞 If you elect to apply by interview, you will be contacted to schedule and conduct a 15-minute interview discussing the questions below via telephone or video call.

Please take note of the four (4) questions you'll be answering in "PART B" of your application;

1. Describe all financial aid awards and estimated amounts including government grants, loans and funding sources that you already applied for or expect to receive in the 2022-2023 academic year.

2. Demonstrate your financial need. Selection will be based on the most compelling circumstances of high financial need due to financial or other barriers applicants face in accessing legal education.

3. Illustrate how your academic, professional, extra-curricular and/or community involvement demonstrates your commitment to Black life in Canada.

4. Explain why you are applying to law school.
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